Welcome to Rarity!

I’m Casey, owner and designer behind the brand. I started Rarity in 2010, before I had my daughter, before I came out, and before I started getting to know the real me. Rarity has grown with me into something I never thought it could be. We are a team of 5 women from the Bay Area in California. We are all mamas, all family focused first, and allll about bringing you new trends while keeping your Rarity experience top notch! Our focus has always been comfort and style being equally as important. The accessories we’ve created each have a purpose that’s just as important as how lovely it looks on. Our bowbands are our signature piece and they come in three styles, OG, and Bowless. Our No Slips are the only headband to have No Slip technology that keep your headband in place without being too tight and causing pain. They come in two styles OG and Knotted, both have multiple ways of wearing! We also make 5 star review Scrunchies and reusable washable wet/dry zippered bags. Our Instagram is updated daily with everything you need to know! @raritybycasey thanks for stopping by, we hope you fall in love with Rarity!

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